Curbside Leaf Pickup – Spring 2020

“Curbside Leaf Pickup – You make piles. We pick them up!”

Curbside leaf pickups are being scheduled through May 29, 2020.

I love how easy and affordable it is to use MJR for fall leaf pickup. We would easily spend nearly double on city leaf bags. We so appreciate your company doing this for us every year. Thank you!
Lora - Grand Rapids, MI

How it works:

$69 covers the first 15 minutes of vacuuming.

After that, it’s $15 for each additional 5-minute block (about 75% of piles cost $69)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How does Curbside Leaf Pickup work?

A – Our Curbside Leaf Pickup service is a great way to save time and money this fall. Make a pile of leaves within 3’ of the curb, and as long as possible. Avoid cars, mailboxes, or any other obstacles. The cost is ultimately based on how long it takes us to pick up the piles. $69 covers the first 15 minutes of work. If more time is needed, it’s $15 for each additional 5 minute block.

Q – How often does the service cost more than $69? (Individual pickups only)

A – If the suggestions listed at the end of this FAQ are followed, seldom does the service cost more than $69. Overall, about 75% of all pickups cost $69 though, and most of those that cost more ignored our suggestions to keep the cost down.

Q – We have some neighbors interested. Do you offer a discount for groups?

A – Yes, we do! We offer a group rate for groups of 5 or more consecutive homes. These homes must be next door to one another and must not require us to transport our equipment. Instead of $69 for the first 15 minutes, it is $59 for the first 15 minutes, then it is $15 for each additional 5 minute block. Not available for Spring pickups.

Q – My entire neighborhood needs leaves picked up! How does your Community Curbside Leaf Pickup service work?

A – Absolutely! Our Community Curbside Leaf Pickup service is for groups of homes (or entire neighborhoods) larger than 20 homes. This service is billed by the hour, requires a central person/office to bill to, and is for jobs of all sizes. Contact us for more details as each one of these jobs is unique. Not available for Spring pickups.

Q – What days are the leaves picked up?
Zone 1 – Monday & Friday
Zone 2 – Wednesday & Saturday
Zone 3 – Tuesday & Thursday
Weather permitting. Subject to change.
Q – How late in the season do you pick up leaves?
A – We pick up leaf piles until it:

  1. A) Snows, or
  2. B) Calls become too sporadic to create an efficient schedule.

***DO NOT wait to schedule leaf pickups. Once we decide to shut down for the winter, the decision is final.

Q – We had a pickup scheduled for today, but we forgot to put out the leaves! Can we reschedule?
A – Yes you can, but a $25 empty trip charge will be charged to your payment method on file in addition to your pile pickup.
Q – Do I need to be present for the job to be completed?
A – No.
Q – Can I pay with cash or a check?
A – At this time the only way we accept payments is via credit card.
Q – Can you take other yard waste besides leaves?
A – Not at this time. There can be no rocks, sticks, or trash in the piles.

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MJR Landscape is a trade name used by RockRidge Endeavors, LLC